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A curated collection of some of our favorite lectures, articles, and books.

Our lives have changed radically over the past few months. In the midst of this upheaval, there is a feast of rich content cooked up weekly, as thoughtful and engaged Christians respond to the crisis at hand. With the amount of information available, we want to be discerning about finding the best sources to enjoy, watch, read, and digest. 

Here at the Center for Christian Study, we have curated some of these excellent resources from our own events, our fellow study centers, and other like-minded institutions. We hope you will take advantage of this “good food.” Our prayer is that these resources will lead to learning and growth as we examine our lives and continue to pose vital and eternal questions about life in Christ, both in this present crisis and in times to come.

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Take advantage of great talks, lectures, and interviews recorded over the last few weeks.



Find current articles on everything from a Christian response to Covid-19 to an essay on marking time.

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Discover the most interesting new publications, read reviews, and check out  what we are reading at the Study Center.

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