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Christianity Today Magazine

I Have Only One Hope for Racial Justice: A God Who Conquered Death

by Esau McCaulley


Christians coming to terms with racism need to be re-enchanted by the Resurrection.


June 10, 2020 

The Gospel Coalition

George Floyd and Me

by Shai Linne 

Christian Hip-hop artist Shai Linne shares a letter he wrote to a white sister in Christ, laying out what it is like to be a black man in America today, and the deep hope he has in God's character of faithfullness and compassion.

June 8, 2020 

Breaking Ground

What Kind of Turning Point?

by Mark Noll


 Mark Noll says: "If the character (of leaders) during these parlous days is strengthened by a new identification with the cross on which their Saviour suffered, they will make this hour a turning point toward the good."

June 4, 2020


Breaking Ground

Wendell Berry's Wisdom in a Time of Pandemic

by Gracy Olmstead


 Gracy Olmstead writes about T.S. Eliot's phrase: 'The whole earth is our hospital' and Wendell Berry's idea of 'health-as-wholeness'."This wholeness", Berry says "is the result of love's dogged efforts to redeem, defend, and protect."

June 4, 2020


Christianity Today Magazine

A Nation on Fire Needs the Flames of the Spirit 

by Esau McCaulley


As racism tears the country apart, the message of Pentecost can help the Church find its voice.


June 1, 2020 

Patheos - Anxious Bench 

Contemplating the Religious Future after the Crisis

by Philip Jenkins 

Philip Jenkins raises eight important and definitely controversial questions for thoughtful discussion among Christians.  His reflections are still worth reading now, even as the crisis develops and his thoughts are now a long month “old.” 

April 24, 2020 


A Christian's Response to Conspiracies

by Deborah Haarsma, Jim Stump and David Butler 

How should Christians react or respond to the ever-growing claims about the corona virus that float around on social media?


May 11, 2020 

Christianity Today Magazine

Overcoming the Panes of Loneliness

by Ashley Hales


Ashley Hales interviews Eric O. Jacobsen on his book Three Pieces of Glass: Why We Feel Lonely in a World Mediated by Screens, speaking about regaining a sense of place and rebuilding habits of embodied interaction even during the present pandemic.

May 11, 2020 

The Gospel Coalition - Australian Edition

The Way we Shape These Days is Shaping Us

by Harriet Connor 

“The formlessness of these weeks is symptomatic of a broader problem of modern life: we have forgotten how to mark time.”


May 11, 2020 

The Gospel Coalition

Crisis as Both a Mirror and a Lens

by Stephen Witmer 

A discussion of Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones‘ October 1939 sermons shows how “a major, scary situation can become for God's people both a mirror (to show us more of ourselves) and a lens (to show us more of God).”


May 5, 2020 

Patheos - Anxious Bench 

A Saint for Failed States and Refugee Crises

by Philip Jenkins 

Philip Jenkins writes about a 1500-year-old text called The Life of Severinus. Ideal reading for an age of mass migration and failed states, of refugees and asylum seekers, it is as modern a spiritual life as you will ever read.

May 1, 2020 

The National Association of Evangelicals

Faith in the Midst of Coronavirus

by Dr. Stephen Ko


In this podcast, pastor and former CDC medical officer, Dr. Ko brings a unique and important perspective on the coronavirus and the Church‘s response. He is interviewed by Walter Kim, President of the National Association of Evangelicals.


April 15, 2020 

Curt Thompson

A Body of Work

by Curt Thompson 

Curt Thompson addresses the challenge of living “disembodied lives“ in these days of online conference video calls. He helps us understand why we feel exhausted, and often anxious and irritated after a day of Zoom.



April 15, 2020 

New York Times

I Miss Singing in Church

by Tish Harrison Warren 

The coronavirus crisis reminds us that we are bodies, not simply souls trapped in a mortal prison.



April 5, 2020 

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